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Let it pass in the past, and leave the fairy to know that it is still a fellow. Youyou was with Aju. After Aju and Li Wenhai had already met, Yuyou saw that Dezi had arrived, and he was chatting with Li Wenhai. Dezi was just removed from the nightclub three days ago, so he was idle during the day and night. Dezi also said to Youyou: “In the past, some people said that Wen Haige was murdering and arson in the south. In fact, they all made rumors. People started to make money from thepany, and now they mainly do trade.e to Beijing to find a few bigpanies. 1Z0-064Agent. Yourpany’s medicine has not yet entered Xianquan, Wenhai brother is more acquainted in Xianquan.” Aju also helped Dezi to say: “Wenhaige likes you from the very beginning. Actually, there is no bad meaning. I want to take you as a little girl. I told Wenhaige that now you can be different, and you have to go to a bigpany all day. With the boss to eat, Mercedes-Benz BMW has sat. The car that sent Youyou back two days ago is not a Mercedes-Benz!” Li Wenhai seems very polite, it seems that doing business can also make people change their evil spirits, and their manners are tempered by some grades, and the smoking posture is much more elegant than in the past. He said: “You know that you are a temper. I have always liked you all the time. You like it or not. I don’t know. I don’t know if I don’t recognize this big brother. Everyone is from Xianquan. 1Z0-899It’s okay to help each other. Even if the brothers and sisters are clear about the accounts, as long as you are making money from the business you introduced, you will not lose more than a penny. You will be willing to follow me one day, I will earn The money will be returned to you.” The purpose of Li Wenhai to see Youyou is very simple. He wants Yuyou to introduce him to the big boss of Xinchengpany. He wants to be the general agent of Xinchengpany in Xianquan. The general agent generally makes money. Youyou introduced Li Wenhai to Ling Rongzhi. Her introduction of his purpose is also very simple. She wants Li Wenhai to know that Xincheng is a bigpany, the boss is also a big man, and the business is a big number. The boss wants our finance department to take him three million today and will send it to his home before leaving work tomorrow. 1Z0-803Such a boss would not accept you, this is really hard to say. Li Wenhai touted Youyou, you are not the boss’s red man, as long as you can let me meet with the boss, the business is not righteous, I have a thank you. I asked Youyou on the phone: How did you agree? There is no echo in Youyou. I took the opportunity to have a good idea of ??adult beauty. I said that you might as well look for Ling Xincheng and let him introduce his father. I told Youyou that as long as she is willing to open this mouth, Ling Xincheng will definitely help this. Youyou seriously asked: “Why would he help this?” I am vague and say: “Who knows, I have this instinct anyway.” Youyou said: “Let me think about it slowly.” But she immediately stressed: “I don’t want to find Ling Xincheng for this matter. I don’t want to go to business with him. 1Z0-590I don’t want him to think that I am using it. He, I think that’s boring.” Later, I didn’t know how Youyou thought about it. She really didn’t go to Ling Xincheng. She was alone with Li Wenhai and went to Lingjia to meet his father. ; On the day before Youyou went to Lingjia, Ling Xincheng once again asked me toe out and talk about things. He suddenly called after dark, and his tone sounded rather anxious. I just finished my dinner and turned off the TV and rushed. The location is also the restaurant outside the red wall of Donghuamen. There is a small cigar bar on the upstairs of the restaurant. The small bar is only three or five seats. It seems that Ling Xincheng has wrapped it all down. After I went in, the waiter poured coffee for us, and then I didn’t quit. out. This atmosphere seems a bit mysterious. I can’t help but calm down by drinking cigarettes, and I want to silence and ask questions, quietly waiting for him to say first. What he wants to say is exactly that. He said, “Hey brother, I have something to do, I want to ask you for a favor.” Youyou believes in you very much, so I would like to ask you to explain it to me.” Ling Xincheng said that this happened before the Spring Festival last year. At that time, Ling Xincheng was still in college. He met the woman in a lecture before the winter vacation. The woman is a foreigner and she is a self-funded listener. That day, she and Ling Xincheng happened to be sitting next to each other, chatting in three sentences, and they felt very close to each other. Ling Xincheng is very difficult to get close to the girl, but he listened to the girl who said she was embarrassed, and also opened a pharmaceutical factory, and suddenly became interested, and themon language also increased. Ling Xincheng was out of class because of illness, 1Z0-574and the girl took the initiative to help him. She is older than him, and she has worked in a pharmaceutical factory before going to school.pared to the simple and childish Ling Xincheng, the social experience is much richer. Ling Xincheng may be young because of his age, perhaps because he is too mature, maybe because he is too introverted, maybe his personality is too weak, he is suddenly controlled by this girl, or he is born with a courage, a vision, a strategy, everything A strong woman who dares to take the initiative. In short, he and the girl for a while, even for her quietly rented an apartment near the school. In that simple apartment, on a wooden bed bought temporarily, he tasted the taste of a woman for the first time, and the precious first night was also dedication. Although he saw that the girl was definitely not the first time, she did not feel that she had suffered a loss. The girl is not only the first time, but also a veteran in bed, she is very active, very will get, energy and physical strength, if not because of Ling Xincheng’s heart disease, the girl will not let him go. After they fell in love for about two weeks, they suddenly broke up one day.

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She was melancholy in her sleep. I licked 70-411 Study Material her arm and said to her. The two reporters angrily posted photos and articles on the Internet, and public opinion exploded. I am Microsoft 70-411 Study Material Windows Server 2012 70-411 Study Material sorry that I Microsoft 70-411 Study Material Microsoft 70-411 Study Material did not invite you to our wedding I was Administering Windows Server 2012 going to invite you, I know Microsoft 70-411 Study Material this should be, Windows Server 2012 70-411 but I finally gave up the advice of others to give up.

We 70-411 Study Material are all for the first time.Although I had been in a plane, it was comfortable Boeing cabins are 70-411 Study Material not the rear compartment of this Lushi son transport helicopter. Bitter I have not Administering Windows Server 2012 afraid, I was afraid of leaving piercing uncomfortable.If I knew I would never go back again, I Windows Server 2012 70-411 would immediately jumped from the car to run out of reconnaissance company even holding Microsoft 70-411 Study Material his own bed iron frame never again. I drove, feel Microsoft 70-411 Study Material deserted, put the CD into it.Then, is hometown.I drove under the dim light of traffic lights, tears really brush down.Hometown is hometown.

Sunshine said I know you want to go, go to Germany to find your husband, your current money, go out Administering Windows Server 2012 is no problem, you can live for a while, but after that Do you go back Windows Server 2012 70-411 to work Your child Is it you Have the heart to let her go And your husband, I have to say politely, he wants to love you, pick you up and children early, won t Microsoft 70-411 Study Material let you wait that long. Now a south One north, one month is difficult to Microsoft 70-411 Study Material see once. a total of 105 yuan. 70-411 Study Material Axiang heard this number, shocked, more than 100, Equivalent to her two semester living expenses She also thought that Microsoft 70-411 Study Material the ticket for last night was more Microsoft 70-411 Study Material than 40 yuan, and she had eaten and drunk this morning last night. On Microsoft 70-411 Study Material a large mound, there is a new house with red brick and red tiles.